I.D. Forty: Design Divas

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…..Karim Rashid (designer) His style is “sensual minimalism.” His wardrobe is Miami Vice. He wants to change the world

….. Philippe Starck (designer) “I have lost trust in style. I am a farmer of the unconscious.”

….. Zaha Hadid (architect) “I’m going to cut off your balls and feed them to you!” (to Guggenheim Museum director—and client—Thomas Krens)

….. Daniel Libeskind (architect) He can’t get off his Ground Zero soapbox

….. Ron Arad (designer) Even client and fan Alberto Alessi has agreed: “He’s a bit of a show-off and needs to be noticed. He would have made a good fashion designer.”

….. Bruce Mau (designer) Rumored to have hawked his Life Style book wearing a gown made from its cover

….. Laurene Leon Boym (designer) Design’s Pop princess—turns out products and sports miniskirts with equal panache

….. Paige Rense (editor, architectural digest) A word of caution to young designers: Publish elsewhere and be banned from her pages forever

….. George Beylerian (materials guru) Naps in a three-piece suit and eye mask

….. Richard Saul Wurman (information architect/conference maestro) “I’m short, fat, and have a beard, and have parlayed a simple mind into a promising career.”