Kwangho Lee at Commissaires

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In Milan this year, electrical cords held a particular fascination among lighting designers, who not only left them exposed but twisted, kinked, and colored them until they became bold focal points (we were reminded of Arik Levy’s Umbilical lamps from 2003). Among the more audacious examples of this trend is a recent project by emerging South Korean designer Kwangho Lee, who has filled Montreal’s Commissaires design gallery with spaghetti-like cascades of wiring for the installation “Comme une forêt de fil” (“Like a forest of wire”), which opens today. Lee, whose other projects include a sofa carved messily from a block of Styrofoam, was inspired to create the lights less by a fascination with industrial rawness than by a childhood spent watching his mother knit. Prices range from $350 to $5,800; show runs through early June. Commissaires, 5226 Boulevard St.-Laurent, Montreal, 514-274-4888.