Longoland at the Shelburne Museum

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Usually the site of art exhibitions like Quilts in Bloom: A Bouquet of Textile Art and Purse-onality: Handbags With Attitude, Vermont’s Shelburne Museum just opened a show of Brooklyn designer Joshua Longo’s dreamlike monster world, Longoland.

On museum grounds, Longo has populated Adam Kalkin’s shipping container house with his often eyeless and abundantly toothy plush animals and furniture. Akin perhaps to Sendak’s scary but tame-able Wild Things, the emerging New York designer fashions his monsters from faux fur, wool, polymer clay and stuffing and gives them Latin genus and species names like Mano Efferus. The fanciful environment—suited to a time of physical, cultural, and economic insecurity—will also feature Monster Skin rugs and Monster Skin armchairs. You can tell the little ones, however, that no monsters were harmed in the creation of this show. www.shelburnemuseum.org