Museum Acquires Modernist Residence

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December 1, 2008. The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) has announced that it will acquire and preserve the landmark Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana, one of the country’s finest examples of midcentury international Modernism, designed by Eero Saarinen, with interiors by Alexander Girard and landscape design by Daniel Urban Kiley. Members of the commissioning industrialist Miller family and the Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation are donating both house and gardens and many of its original furnishings and will offer $5 million of an $8 million endowment for its preservation. The IMA is raising money towards the $2 million, 18-month renovation of the 56-year-old residence which was the first designated National Historic Landmark listed with a still-living landscape architect that was also still occupied by its original owners at the date of its designation in 2000.