New Design Gallery Opens in Stockholm

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New design gallery in Stockholm. Photo by Jonas Lindström

August 21, 2008. For those who want to see design galleries expand beyond showing only artfully conceived chairs, a new multidisciplinary gallery called Designgalleriet opened on August 14 at Odengatan 21 in central Stockholm. Established by Stefan Nilsson and Karin Sköldberg of Trendgruppen, the gallery will offer a quick turnover of twice-monthly fashion, handicraft, industrial design, interiors and graphics exhibitions from young as well as established designers. Fitting then that they should commission Form Us With Love to design the interior with its sound-absorbing room divider made from thick foam cylinders that are easily reconfigurable to fit the to the content of various exhibitions. Designgalleriet’s inaugural show features the work of 35-year-old Polish fashion designer Bea Szenfeld who will present 14 haute couture swimwear pieces inspired by Hollywood water spectacular queen, Esther Williams. Known previously for her lingerie made from recycled shirts and for her paper cocktail dresses. The September exhibit will display the results of the Beefeater Design Challenge 2008 anchored by the winning entry of Form Us With Love: the Pusher liquor dispenser, a clever bit of plumbing on which one can upend a bottle of gin and pump it out of multiple spigots to the thirsty throats beneath.,,

Detail of the gallery’s room divider . Photo by Jonas Lindström

Beefeater 2008 winner, Pusher, by Form Us With Love

Swim couture by Bea Szenfeld. Photo by Kristian Löveborg