P.S.1 Urban Farm Opens June 22

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WORKac’s structure will make a farm of P.S.1 this summer June 17, 2008. WORK Architecture Company’s winning entry in the MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects competition to create the ninth annual outdoor environment in a cement courtyard in Queens does a lot more work than its predecessors with seemingly half the effort. Usually the urban “beaches” created to host visitors and Djs in a strategically pleasant amalgam of sun, shade and water are hedonistic follies; instead, WORK proposed P.F.1, Public Farm 1, a functioning agritecture, so to speak, that will feature an ascending factory-waxed industrial-strength cardboard tube structure that echoes the form of the elevated trains that will bring visitors to the museum, as well as the rehabilitated High Line park that will be completed in Chelsea next year. “Farmers” dressed in “picking skirts” will pop up through the cardboard cylinders to pick plantings that will include basil, lavender, mint, rhubarb, strawberries, broccoli, watermelon and herbs. The foliage will provide shade over pools of water, a commercial farmer’s market and comestibles a lot healthier than the hot dogs and burgers usually on offer. Without a doubt, WORK has raised the bar on urban entertainment. publicfarm1.org, ps1.org, workac.com

Rendering of cardboard tube structure for P.S.1 farm

Construction of cardboard tube farm infrastructure at P.S.1

An elevated section of farm that shades social space below

"Picking skirt" used by farmers to gather fruit and vegetables