Product of the Week: 7/15/08

Posted inID Mag

RISD grad Joe Gebbia’s first product was CritBuns, a dimpled rubber cushion that offered respite to design students enduring butt-wrenching crits. That same demographic might benefit from the designer’s latest offering as well: For San Francisco–based Citizen: Citizen, Gebbia created Untitled, a series of blank white sketchbooks in the guise of limited-edition art objets. (Possible uses may include penning secret hate mail to those exacting profs.) Gebbia used the idea of a galley proof—the test book created prior to printing to gauge everything from the fineness of paper stock to the quality of binding—and turned it into the object itself. The result is an elegant series of different sized books, spiral- or perfect-bound, unmarked except for a library card–like slip tucked inside the cover to describe the project’s intent: “By generating only a single book, it subverts mass production practice and becomes a craft object,” Gebbia explains. Available at Citizen: Citizen for $95 a piece.

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