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Curated by Häberli, along with Angeli Sachs and Moritz Schmid, the exhibition will run through September 21 and will feature products, drawings and prototypes grouped thematically. To illustrate aspects of the designers’ process, a laboratory will feature inspirations, materials and models. Three chalets, show influences on Häberli from Swiss design history while abstracted “houses” provide a stage to display work in categories. Another section shows recently produced textiles and a conceptual kitchen that provides a glimpse into the designer’s future.

The biggest treat for visitors, however, may be the prototype of the Pelle soapbox for Volvo, which was never produced. Pelle was the result of a product merchandising study by the car manufacturer and was a soapbox that was intended to fit in any Volvo automobile. “I thought to myself, a soapbox is like the first car, above all when it can be steered and braked,” explains Häberli. “Naturally, we placed great emphasis on safety and also on ease of assembly. It was intended for the ages of 8 to 16 and, as the test drives revealed, it wasn’t just men who were enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately this project was four times more expensive than planned. I still mourn for Pelle, as our son Luc was exactly the right age for this soapbox.”,