Uncommon Goods

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We asked the emerging design group Surtido to rethink everyday objects. The results were anything but ordinary.

For young designers to have the means and the will to organize themselves is rare; for their coalitions to accomplish anything more than the odd trade-show booth is rarer still. And yet when I.D. issued a call for proposals to the 30 members of the Spanish design organization Surtido—asking them to rethink an everyday object used in Spain—24 of them responded, and with chops worthy of a paid commission. Launched last year by Barcelona designer Marc Morro, Surtido (meaning “an assortment”) has already completed two exhibitions and a ceramics workshop, with several more projects in the works. “We don’t have a shared philosophy, we’re just trying to show the world who we are,” Morro says. “Like it or not, this is what Spain has to offer.” Based on the projects shown here, the first 10 of which were chosen to appear in the May issue of I.D., we have a feeling you won’t need much convincing. www.surtido.org

CLICK HERE To see all 24 designs submitted for the Surtido invitational.