T-Shirt Says Olympics is About Unity Too

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Olympics unity t-shirt designed by Hong-Kong’s SCHOOL* July 25, 2008. In ancient Greece, everything – including war – was brought to a grinding halt in order to celebrate the Olympics. Apparently this momentary nod to global cooperation is out of mode today. Thus, in order to counter the (certainly merited) negativity stirred up by the imminent Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong-based founders Ed Tam and Hoon Kim of research and communications agency SCHOOL* have designed a straightforward but good-looking t-shirt to remind us that the Olympics is about unity in addition to medals, jump-started municipal economies and monumentally dubious new works of architecture. The shirt features the name of each competing country in what Tam and Kim aptly describe as “a yummy word track.” Cheerful, colorful, a nice break from the arguing – and it comes in your size. thisisschool.com