Tod’s Windows Polished Up

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Window display by Ineke Hans for Tod’s July 1, 2008. Looking at Tod’s, a new window display project curated by Giulio Cappellini (at the request of friend and Tod’s Group president, Diego Della Valle) for certain Tod’s boutiques worldwide, was kicked off with windows by Dutch designer and artist Ineke Hans. From January through April, Hans’s mirror-striped wall and floor resembled a clearing in an enchanted forest foregrounded with teak trays and stools crowned with bell-glass domes containing merchandise as if in a candy store. The ongoing project looks to represent Tod’s through its displays by commissioning the work of creatives in different disciplines. Hans was the artist. Her windows were followed by displays from British architects, BarberOsgerby and French product designer, Patrick Norguet. The second set of displays will be inaugurated with a preview of windows by American Stephen Burks in Florence from June 18–21 (which will then open in Milan), windows by Satyendra Pakhalé to launch during New York’s Fashion Week this September and a last installment by Japanese studio Nendo in late November.

Window display by Patrick Norguet for Tod’s

Window display by BarberOsgerby for Tod’s