Unseen Moroso Designs at Arne Quinze’s Kortrijk Gallery

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Totem stool prototypes by Massimo Giacon for Moroso

Patrizia Moroso is predictable for being relatively unpredictable and it has served her well over the past 20 years since she took over her family’s company, notably at this April’s Salone, where her latest furniture collection stood out from the relatively mediocre presentations around it. Her most recent unlooked-for decision? Moroso’s commitment to bad boy Belgian designer Arne Quinze. No, we’re not talking k-i-s-s-i-n-g, we’re talking Kortrijk. Starting this month, Moroso’s collection is on permanent show at Arne Quinze’s freshly minted Gallery 113 in that city. But until mid-September, the show will be expanded upon with a personal selection of favorite work commissioned, but not necessarily produced, for Moroso, including drawings, models, prototypes and one-offs. The title of this peek behind the curtain? Backstage. Rockstar associations intended. moroso.it, gallery113.tv

Special versions of the Ripple chair (2005) by Ron Arad

Bone collection prototypes (1993) by Marc Newson