Wine Designs by Sebastian Bergne at Aram Gallery

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Corked 1 and 2 by Sebastian Bergne at the Aram Gallery

November 18, 2008. In his first self-produced collection, Sebastian Bergne presents new work inspired by viniculture for the London Aram Gallery’s Cru exhibition. From November 28 through January 10, Bergne riffs on solutions for the transport, storage and serving of wine by presenting a number of cork and glass-based products, including Marcel, an out-size wine rack, as well as drinking glasses made from glass hemispheres linked and plugged by corks to form stems and necks. Though some of the products are ready for production and available for purchase, the show features prototypes never seen before, including Geo Cork, a modular tabletop sculpture that can be modified using a simple pin ‘joint’ in proportion to the amount of wine consumed (and therefore corks available). Corked is a series of decanting and serving vessels while Vintage Dip dabbles in fashion with a collection of 25 limited-edition t-shirts dyed with a full-bodied and graphical red. Curated by Daniel Charny, Cru will include a documentary slide show of Bergne’s design and production processes, sources of inspiration, drawings and, best of all perhaps, the experiments.,

Corked 4 at the Aram Gallery’s Cru show

Geo Cork by Sebastian Bergne

The Marcel wine rack by Sebastian Bergne

Wine Diary by Sebastian Bergne for The Aram Gallery

Dip 2 by Sebastian Bergne in the Cru exhibition