Tattoo Artist Sebastian Skrobol Captures the Magic of ‘Fairytales, Dreams and Nightmares’

Posted inIllustration Design

While I don’t have any tattoos, I often wonder where I’d start if I ever took the plunge. The options are endless: a detailed sleeve, a dainty design, something meaningfully profound, or even just something aesthetically pleasing with no deeper significance. Whether or not you’ve seen an ink artist at work, there’s no denying the intricate skill required to create tattoos.

Sebastian Skrobol’s zine Fairytales, Dreams and Nightmares features sixty pages of flash tattoo designs. These otherworldly illustrations include dead crows, a skeleton riding on the back of a black cat, and skulls galore. Neon pink details add an alluring balance to these morbidly charming designs.

Project Credits
Sebastian Skrobol
Paulina Coner