Paprika Design Adds Extra Magic to Mail with Their Vintage Carousels Stamps

Posted inIllustration Design

I’m fully immersed in modern technology, often to a fault. There’s not a moment when I don’t have at least one screen glowing intrusively in my face. But while I value my technology, some magical items make me crave a time before screens.

Stamps are functional objects that also serve as beautiful expressions of culture and craft, and often create long-lasting historical reference points. Their pure artistry and charm has helped these pieces of the past withstand modern times, and I truly admire them for it. The fact that these miniature pieces of art also function as a ticket to mail is fascinating.

Paprika Design recently made a notable contribution to this artform with their series of five vintage carousels for Canada Post, inspired by the circular motion of the classic amusement park ride. The typography and graphics within the design also pay homage to vintage circus posters, making for an immersive, nostalgic aesthetic.