Princeton’s Mental Health Initiative Prioritizes Warm, Comforting Visuals

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Princeton University presents a welcoming, humanistic system for its mental health initiative TigerWell. Throughout their website, brochures, and forms, you’ll find endearing, nostalgic illustrations by New York designer and art director Hannah Meng. She uses hand-drawn brush strokes and soft colors to bolster TigerWell’s welcoming, devoted identity.

A little background of myself, I am a New York-based designer and art director. Many of my works have illustrations as part of the brand identity.

During the years of covid, I created this set of illustrations for Princeton University’s TigerWell Initiative. The initiative promotes mental health and well-being among students, staff, and faculty. I created the custom illustration to visualize the new forms of gathering and collaboration while using hand-drawn brush strokes and a toned-down color palette.

I simplified the character’s features and included different representations of people in the illustration to make everyone in Princeton feel a sense of belonging. Those illustrate different scenarios such as virtual consultation, walking on campus, cooking with friends, faculty meetings, and group workshops. Adding plants as a secondary element creates a sense of calm and care. All the work is to promote a culture of self and community care.

Project Credits
Hannah Meng