Rule29 Hosts Its 13th Annual Hand Turkey Throwdown

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COVID-19 has significantly altered all of our Thanksgivings this year—but one tradition it cannot break: Rule29’s “By a Show of Hands” hand-turkey competition.

The contest started as a way for Rule29’s internal team members to pause and be creative during the holiday season. In 2008, they opened it up to the general public—in three categories, featuring Kids, Grown-Ups and Design Pros—and the results have long been all manner of wildly imaginative fowl.

As Rule29 co-founder Justin Ahrens told us in 2015, “We were going to stop doing it a few years ago, and we got an email from a teacher saying it had become an annual tradition at their school. So we decided to keep doing it until no one enters.”

Well, if you build it, the bird will come. Now in its 13th year, the turkeys continue to trot in.

Here are a few of 2020’s contenders. The entry window closes today. Vote on your favorites here. To the winners goes the glory of all the giblets (and some Amazon gift cards).

Larkin (Pros)
Nathan (Pros)
Lenora (Kids)
Titus (Kids)
Kushala (Kids)
Spuddy (Pros)
Lianna (Grown-ups)
Emma Jean (Kids)
Lyla (Kids)
Alexa (Kids)