These Clever Insurance Ads Debunk Popular Myths About Health & Wellness

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AXA is a leader in the insurance and asset management space who recently created a social media campaign that uses easily digestible graphics to debunk popular myths. Playful, entertaining illustrations by Camilo Huinca help communicate the importance of understanding scientific fact, no matter how tempting it may be to believe old wives’ tales.

This specific campaign from AXA was launched in Thailand and Indonesia to promote AXA’s Emma, a tool that gives consumers free access to 24/7 emergency services and monitors investments. The campaign proves the company’s willingness to provide an insightful digital experience, support its customers, and empower them to make more informed decisions.

AXA is debunking myths in the wellness industry through a new playful campaign, which features illustrations by Chilean illustrator Camilo Huinca

 #BreakTheMyth is a social-first campaign designed to put truth before fiction by offering simple, science-based facts to people, helping them to sift out the signal from the noise. 

Every culture has certain myths or old wives’ tales, so AXA’s global creative partner Publicis Groupe set out to break them in a fun, light-hearted way, working with Camilo to create a series of Instagram-able visuals and social clips that cut through misconceptions and fake information with boldness and a touch of humour.  

Natalie Lam, chief creative officer of Publicis Groupe Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa says: “Both Thailand and Indonesia—though diverse—are markets with a lot of texture, richness and tradition. A Gecko chirping 11 times will bring good luck is a common belief in Thailand, a popular belief in Indonesia is that toothpaste can soothe burns. Every culture has certain myths, or old wives’ tales and we aim to break these with credible and relatable advice, which is delivered in a fun, light-hearted way and leaves a clear impact.” 

AXA’s chief brand and communications officer for APAC, Sabrina Cheung, adds: “Since the start of the pandemic, social-media consumption skyrocketed. It means there’s a greater opportunity for us to effectively use this tool to engage, inform and connect with our target audiences through content that is relevant to them.” 

Launching in Thailand and Indonesia, the #BreakTheMyth campaign promotes Emma by AXA – an all-in-one health, wealth and well-being digital experience that cuts through the noise by offering simple, digestible and trusted fact-based guidance and advice to customers.  

The campaign includes a Goat man arm-wrestling activation – a uniquely Instagrammable experience in Indonesia, where the myth of a ‘goat satay makes you manlier’ becomes a true test of manliness. Individuals can try to outmuscle the robot goat as it challenges you to an arm-wrestling match right in front of Indonesia’s largest mall.