Today’s Obsession: Sophie Blackhall

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You might recognize illustrator Sophie Blackall’s graceful images from the pages of Vogue or Town and Country, or any number of publications she’s added to over the past two decades. Gorgeous, right?

She’s devised an ingenious way to ensure she’s always sketching new subjects: remove herself from the selection process. At this blog, she adds new images to Craigslist missed connections ads, imbuing them with her own wistful sense of whimsy. It’s a really great appropriation of the notions behind random programming and a little related to crowdsourcing—and what a gift to possibly see your own missed connection ad reinterpreted in such a graceful way.

You can see more of Sophie’s work at her own gorgeous site and keep up with it at her news blog. For Christmas gifts, pick up some of these lovely missed connections ads in her Etsy store.

(Image by Sophie, from her Missed Connections blog.)