What Front-Line Gratitude Looks Like Around the World

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We’ve shared our New York City–anchored COVID-19 project with Poster House—and today we’re looking a little further afield.

Tillanelli Studio is an international collective of female illustrators, with founders Katerina Trofimova and Irina Kruglova based in Russia. They rallied their network, and have brought together a poster project from around the globe to show gratitude to front-line workers in the midst of the pandemic.

“Illustration is an international language and we use it to say thank you as loud as we can,” says Kruglova.

The studio is releasing the posters in both English and Russian, and encourages the public to download them and share them on social media and in print.

“Even after the pandemic is long over,” Trofimova says, “these posters will remind us what these fearless people have done for us by risking their lives.”

Here are some highlights. Check out the full collection here.

Juli Puli

Katia Trofimova

Anja Schemeleva-Konovalenko

Antonina Kasyanikova

Irina Kiro

Jekaterina Budryte

Juli Puli

Sofia Iva

Sofia Noceti