2012 Creativity+Commerce Competition Winners

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By: Print staff | October 8, 2012

The Creativity+Commerce competition is Print’sannual showcase of the best in business graphics, from corporate logosand annual reports to websites, branding campaigns, and packaging.Below, you will find all of the above, as well as several posters, twoholiday cards, a New York City retail store, and the program for aGustav Mahler biennial in Bamberg, Germany.

Whatever their format, this year’s winners and runners-up share anadmirable clarity that caught the eyes of our judges, David Heasty andStefanie Weigler, of Brooklyn’s Triboro Design. “There was a directnessto the work that we found comforting,” they write. “Much of it wasdevoid of the insider language and corporate visual clichés that oftenalienate audiences and impair communication. Whether this derives fromany particular zeitgeist of 2012, or simply the challenges of addressingan audience that is ever more prone to distraction, is hard to say. Thebest work here seemed to offer respect for the audience, seeking toengage it in a conversation, with the positive effect of humanizing thebusinesses’ sales pitch and making it more approachable.” Given thechallenges of the current economic climate, you couldn’t ask for abetter appraisal of graphic design in the business world.


Design Firm: Baillat Cardell et fils (Montreal)

Art Directors: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell

Designers: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, CatherineD’Amours,Guillaume Cardell, Lea Behr, Mélanie Martin, Vincent Raineri, Arthur Maserati, Programming:Daniel Iregui, Music: Jean-Sébastien Roux

Client: MUTEK

2nd PLACE: Where the Wind Blows

Design Firm: Leo Burnett Chicago (Chicago)

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Designers: Alisa Wolfson, Jason McKean, Kyle PoffIllustrators: The Leo Burnett Dept. of DesignPhotographers: The Leo Burnett Dept. of DesignCopywriters: Susan Credle, David Schermer, Alisa Wolfson, Jason McKean, Craig ShparagoProducer: Laura Stern

3rd PLACE: Swirl by Daily CandyDesign Firm: Apartment One (Brooklyn)Illustrator: Miss CaprichoClient: Comcast Interactive Media


Kantorwassink 2010 Holiday CardDesign Firm: Kantorwassink (Grand Rapids, MI)Art Director: Wendy Wassink

Copywriter: Dave Kantor

Signature PostersDesign Firm: Design Army (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake LefebureDesigners/Illustrators: Lucas Badger, Sucha Becky, Charles Calixto, Eric Rother

Client: Signature Theatre

Khan Academy Posters and IconsDesign Firm: Thornberg & Forester (New York City)Creative Director: Justin Meredith, Scott Matz

Designers: Josh Cohen, Kyle Miller, Keith Endow

La CritiqueDesign Firm: Baillat Cardell et fils (Montreal)Art Directors: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume CardellAnimation and editing: Vincent Raineri, Mélanie Martin, Guillaume Cardell;Illustrator: Stéphane Poirier

Writing: Steve Savage, Music: Jean-Patrice Rémillard

Mountain Equipment Co-op 40th Anniversary CampaignDesign Firm: Mountain Equipment Co-op (Vancouver, British Columbia)Creative director: Judy Snaydon Designers: Dianne Semark, Amy Lau, Kristin LiuIllustrators: Pascal Colpron, Luke Ramsey, Ray FenwickCopywriters: Merran Fahlman, Philip Torrens, Nora O’Malley, Michelle van der Merwe

Production Designer(s): Andrea Wortmann, Michael Cadamia

Creative Director: Pam Patterson

Art Director: Benjamin Nicolas

Designer: Dain BlodornPhotographer: Peter Duke

Copywriter: Elena Davis

Client: I Am Waters Foundation

Penney Design Group IdentityDesign Firm: The General Design Co. (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Soung Wiser, Scott Livingston

Designer: Kaleena Porter

GO! Complete Packaging SystemDesign Firm: Subplot Design Inc. (Vancouver, British Columbia)Art Directors: Matthew Clark, Roy WhiteDesigner: Matthew ClarkIllustrator: Liz WurzingerPhotographer: David EllingsenCopywriter: Pete Pallet, Jaimie Turkington, Matthew Clark

Client: Petcurean Pet Nutrition

AAFWM 2010 ADDY’sDesign Firm: Kantorwassink (Grand Rapids, MI)Art Director: Wendy Wassink

Copywriter: Dave Kantor, Simon Stevecic

Posters Deux ans et DemiDesign Firm: Baillat Cardell et fils (Montreal)Art Directors: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell

Designers: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Vincent Raineri, Arthur Maserati, Mélanie Martin

Santa's sign

Herman Miller POVDesign Firm: Hello Design (Culver City, CA)Art Directors: David Lai, Hiro Niwa

Designers: Sung Hean Baik, Hajime Himeno, Justin Blackwell, Scott Moore, Erich Binder, Scott Arenstein, Szu Ann Chen, Abbey Park Yun

Always “Maze” adDesign Firm: Leo Burnett Chicago (Chicago)Creative Directors: Clay Black, Hmi Hmi GibbsArt Directors: Willy Chyr, Hmi Hmi Gibbs, Jason FrolichsteinDesigners: Jason Frolichstein, Alisa WolfsonIllustrator: Jason FrolichsteinCopywriter: Clay Black

Client: P&G Always

Kent State Folk FestivalDesign Firm: Marcus Thomas LLC (Cleveland, OH)Creative Director: Joanne KimArt Director/Illustrator: Ryan WolfeCopywriter: Kevin Delsanter

Client: WKSU

Sprint Green Phone FamilyDesign Firm: Deutsch Design Works (San Francisco)Art Director: Erika KriegerDesigners: Eric Pino, Pauline Au, Erika Krieger

Client: Sprint

New Balance NYC Experience StoreDesign Firm: KNOCK, inc. (Minneapolis, MN)Creative Director: Todd PaulsonDesigners: Joe Anderson, Meenal Patel, Bryan PieperPhotographers: Peter V. Jones, Jeff HarrisCopywriters: Dan Armstrong, Mary Lou HidalgoProduction: Neil Hagre, Creighton King

Client: New Balance Athletic Shoe Company

What Will You Gain When You Lose? ad campaign
Design Firm: Leo Burnett Chicago (Chicago)Executive Creative Director: Mylene PollockArt Directors: Jason McKean, Katharine WalkerDesigners: Jason McKean, Alisa WolfsonIllustrators: James Joyce, NomocoCopywriters: Julie Karnes, Jane Koh

Client: Kellogg’s Special K

Columbus Bank and Trust Co.’s 75th Anniversary BillboardDesign Firm: Topos Graphics (Miami, FL)

Designers: Seth Labenz, Roy Rub

Day of the Dead FestivalDesign Firm: The General Design Co. (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Soung Wiser, Scott LivingstonDesigner: Kaleena Porter

Client: Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

INLIV BrandingDesign Firm: Foundry Communications (Calgary, Canada)Art Director: Zahra Al-HaraziDesigners: Jake Lim, Kylie HenryIllustrator: Louise Uhrenholt

Copywriter: Kitty Wong

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Annual ReportDesign Firm: Foundry Communications (Calgary, Canada)Art Director: Zahra Al-HaraziDesigners: Kylie Henry, Janice Wong, Jake Lim, Jon JungwirthIllustrators: Kylie Henry, Janice Wong, Jake Lim, Jon Jungwirth, Emmanuel Obayemi

Copywriter: Kitty Wong

Genesys Creative Holiday CardDesign Firm: Genesys Creative (Toronto)Art Director: Philip YanDesigners: Clare Chow, Alison Birtles Fraser

Illustrator: Clare Chow

“Beyond The Numbers” VF Corporation Annual Report 2010Design Firm: And Partners NY (New York City)

Creative Director: David Schimmel

Art Director: Craig Bailey

Designer: Candice Heberer

Copywriter: Charlie Veprek

Cyrus NobleDesign Firm: PhilippeBecker (San Francisco)Design Director: Andrew Otto, Sr. Designers: Andrew Otto, Laura KuhnIllustrator: Mo Ulicny, The Peach Tree Studio

Client: Haas Brothers

Avenue of the Arts CompendiumDesign Firm: 14-forty (Los Angeles)Creative Director: Pam PattersonArt Director: Benjamin NicolasDesigner: Dain Blodorn

Copywriter: Pam Patterson

Program magazine of the Biennale Bamberg 2010, “The late Mahler”Design Firm: Simon & Goetz Design (Frankfurt)Designer: Bernd Vollmöller

Client: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra – Bavarian State Philharmonic

Healthy Schools CampaignDesign Firm: Remedy (Chicago)Art Director: John BufalinoDesigners: John Bufalino, David SierenIllustrator: John BufalinoCopywriters: Deanna Stallsmith, Erin Shelton, David ShihProduction Artist: Erika Doyle

Project Manager: Jessica Daly

Rogue 24 IdentityDesign Firm: The General Design Co. (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Soung Wiser, Sc
ott LivingstonDesigner: Kaleena Porter

Global Footprint Network Annual ReportDesign Firm: Bob Dinetz Design (San Francisco)Art Director/Designer: Bob DinetzPhotographers: Ismael Oltra Barras, Nathan Benn, Mark Horn, Frans Lanting, Michael Nichols, Mark Reimer, Claude Ren

Copywriters: Bob Dinetz, Nicole Freeling

Bun Mee IdentityDesign Firm: MINE™(San Francisco)Art Director: Christopher Simmons

Designers: Christopher Simmons, Nathan Sharp

Jellycat 2011 Product CatalogDesign Firm: KNOCK, inc. (Minneapolis)Art Director: Dan WestonDesigner/Illustrator: Laura QvalePhotographer: Lucas Saugen

Celtic 2010 Annual ReportDesign Firm: Foundry Communications (Calgary, Alberta)Art Director: Zahra Al-Harazi

Designer: Jake Lim

Studio Brochure #3Design Firm: Studio EMMI (London)Art Director: Emmi SalonenDesigner: Emmi SalonenPhotographer: Jere Salonen

Copywriter: Henrietta Thompson

Neenah Chicago PostersDesign Firm: Design Army (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake LefebureDesigners: Eric Rohter, Matt Chase

Senior Director of Design: Tom Wright, Neenah Paper

Project Manager: Kristin Carpenter, Neenah Paper

Red Square Agency Business Papers RedesignDesign Firm: Red Square Agency (Mobile, AL)Founder: Richard Sullivan Sr. Creative Directors: Wally Hitchcock, Diana NicholsDesigner: Ryan Lundy

Copywriter: Ken Ziegler

Columbus College of Art and Design Fashion CatalogDesign Firm: Ologie (Columbus, OH)Art Directors: Andy Hayes, Lindsay KronmillerDesigners: Simone Noronha, Danielle DeleyPhotographer: Scott Cunningham

Copywriter: Laura Bidwa

Plantronics Talk and SurfDesign Firm: CreativeFeed (New York City)Art Director: Gareth ChisholmDesigners: Gareth Chisholm, Wes JonesCopywriter: Dave Hepp

PERFECT10NDesign Firm: Design Army (Washington, D.C.)Art Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake LefebureDesigners: Pum Lefebure, Lucas BadgerPhotographer: Cade MartinCopywriter: S.W. Smith

Senior Director of Design: Tom Wright, Neenah Paper


Triboro is the Brooklyn-based design team of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. The studio’s clients range from innovative start-ups to established international brands.

Recent projects include branding the fashion labels Blk Dnm and William Rast, art directing the GQ Style Manual, illustrating a campaign for Stella Artois, and designing album covers for Blonde Redhead and materials for MoMA and the Dia Art Foundation. In addition to client work, Triboro pursues self-
initiated experiments such as the One-Color Subway Map and Triboro Leftovers. Heasty and Weigler have received numerous industry awards, including being named Young Guns by the Art Directors Club.