More Design Zine Covers

A few months ago I did a reprise of some beautiful Graphis covers. Like Graphis, the social design media of its day, the second incarnation of  Gebrauchsgraphik (the postwar years in Western Germany) was also a wellspring of inspiring covers. There are a few websites devoted to archiving them (like this one and this of the 20s and 30s iteration too), and what a pleasure it is to savor the artifacts. I’ve had a complete run for some time, and these are among my favorites (from top to bottom by Tovaglia, Müller-Blase, Erik Nitsche, Anon). But there are many others too.

3 thoughts on “More Design Zine Covers

  1. Derrick Schultz

    The last cover is by Michael Engelmann. I, too, thought it was anonymous until the kind folks at Kind Co (living up to their name) mentioned otherwise on my Flickr image. His last name is in red on the cover, sneakily snuck into the posters.