Carry Hope: Our Favorite Reader Submissions

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For the Carry Hope project in the June issue of Print, we invited our readers to choose a cause and create a design that could be printed a tote bag. The first place winner, Sawdust, got to see their tote design printed and is available in our online store. All of the profits will go to the selected charities.

There were so many good submissions, however, that we wanted to show off some of our favorites as well. It is a tribute to the design community’s generosity that so many people wanted to help out their favorite causes.

Name: Sneaky Raccoon / Anna MullinCharity: Alzheimer’s SocietyDescription: The idea is based on an old memory aid of tying a knot in order to remember to perform a task. This is, however, contradicted in the condition of Alzheimer’s disease where memory is affected and often lost. Here, the string becomes the memory that you have already forgotten to tie. It also symbolizes the journey of a life from beginning to end with it’s own path, twists and turns – unravelling each individual’s legacy.

Name: Benjamin SchulteCharity: Amnesty InternationalDescription: The heavy chain as a symbol for human rights violations can be broken if there is at least a little spark of hope. Amnesty International as an institution that fights human rights violations gives hope to those whose rights have been violated.

Name: Jee-eun LeeCharity: Doctors without BordersDescription: This medical cross symbol has no “borders”: you can only see it because of hearts, which symbolize the passion and philanthropy that this organization stands for.

Name: Julio MartinezCharity: AmeriCaresDescription: AmeriCares provides Hope in the form of relief and medical aid to people who need it. It is a highly rated organization doing a lot of work currently in Haiti. The design aims to illustrate the hope they bring through their care. The notion is emphasized with the tagline “Hope through Healing.”

Name: The Monochromats (Olivia Choi & Soohyen Park)Charity: Mr Holland’s Opus FoundationDescription: We all have stories to tell.Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who’ll listen.There’s no language as universal as music—for music knows no borders, no barriers and no boundaries.

We are in support of Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation for their dedication to music education for the youth.The earlier a language is acquired, the more fully it can develop.And I think we can all agree that potential is a beautiful thing.

At the basis of our concept lies the letters f & y which stand for ‘forever young’.The best stories are the immortal ones—the ones that are passed on from generation to generation,as the eternally beating hearts of each individual soul that created them.

The five lines represent sheet music where each note of a new story is laid down.It has been that way for eons and eons.The fluid motion signifies the progression of music—organic & expressive, emotional & dimensional.

And at the center of it all there lies a forever beating heart—

We not only want to tell our stories.

We want them remembered.

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