Hollywood NYC: Tina Roth Eisenberg, The Alchemist

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In PRINT’s Spring 2016 Issue, we present to you over 50 practitioners of communication and graphic design who have earned fame in the design world and beyond. They are famous not because they are famous but because of what they’ve achieved and accomplished. They have created and innovated new ways of practicing and performing and writing about design. In doing so, they have helped redesign how we think about design in our culture and the world.

For Tina Roth Eisenberg, creating has always been about taking control of your own destiny.


“What I didn’t realize becoming a graphic designer is you have all the tools to start a business right off the bat,” she says. The Swiss designer founded her vast temporary tattoo empire Tattly as a joke, which lasted until she got a call for a wholesale catalog. As The New York Times noted, “Perhaps no company has done more to elevate temporary tattoos to wearable art than Tattly.”


Beyond the creations she wears on her sleeves (take a look at the photo), Eisenberg is also the founder of the Brooklyn co-working space Friends Work Here, and the creator of what she feels is her most meaningful contribution—the CreativeMornings breakfast lecture series that has spread to 137 cities around the globe. “It’s way beyond me,” she says. “I really don’t like using the word ‘movement,’ but it really is. … I hope CreativeMornings becomes the Rolodex of the creative community.” Viewing her numerous projects as a whole, “Don’t underestimate your labors of love,” she notes. “They all intersect and help each other.”


illustration for CreativeMornings by Mark Weaver