Print’s Fall 2015 Issue: The Text Issue

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Going all the way back to 1940 with PRINT: A Quarterly Journal of the Graphic Arts’ first issue, PRINT magazine continues to leave its mark on the industry. Find it in MyDesignShop and never miss an issue.

What do design and text have in common? A lot more than you might realize. In Print’s fascinating Fall 2015 issue, editorial director Debbie Millman and editor Zachary Petit explore a side of design that is rarely talked about—but inextricably linked.

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Inside Print’s Fall 2015 issue, you’ll find:

BUILDING BRAILLE: A new future for the design of a vital tool is in sight.

FINGER OF SPEECH: Rebecca Bedrossian explores text messaging—and what it’s doing to our brains and businesses (for better or worse).

IN PROFILE: Print takes a deep dive into the life and work of the iconic Jessica Walsh.

EMOJIS: Decoding the failed set of vector files that we don’t want to admit we use every day.

NUMER-0-TYPOLOGY: Where did our modern set of Arabic numerals come from—and why do they look the way they do? Steven Heller explores the fascinating archaeology of numbers.

HOUSE OF CARDS: How Wally Feresten’s love affair with television and type helped him carve out a career in cue cards at Saturday Night Live.

FLORILEGIUM: Maria Popova, the brilliant mind behind Brain Pickings, unpacks a medieval form to create a new piece of art from E.B. White’s classic “Here is New York.”

IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME: Print takes a look at the history of the sensible, nonsensical world of dummy type.

GIVING NOTICE: Authoritative! Informative! Sensational! Discover the history of the public notice—a design artifact that has changed little over the past few centuries.

TYPE: Jason Tselentis investigates Apple’s new system font, San Francisco, which seeks to unify the company’s typography.

DESIGN MATTERS, IN PRINT: Debbie Millman interviews Neil Papworth, who changed the world in 1992 when he sent the first text message.

OBSERVER: Rick Poynor breaks down how the culture of the internet has taken a toll on the culture of reading and writing—and as a result, the culture of design.

INSIDE THE MIND OF… Book design guru Rodrigo Corral, who walks us through New York and the world at large, as only he can see it.

INTERACTION: How can web designers build better experiences? By unboxing the history of the paragraph, and figuring out how to apply it in interactive work today.

LOVE LETTERS: Marian Bantjes pays tribute to her friend Sean Adams in verse.

INTO THE ARCHIVES: In the 1950s, two young, little-known designers—Bob Cato and Tom Geismar—took the pages of Print by storm.

PLUS! The best new books in design, TypeTogether’s new font for Google, and much more.