The Simple–Visual trends that cut through the clutter

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In today’s world we’re bombarded with clutter at every level: visually, informationally, emotionally. So how can you capture the supersaturated attention of your customers? SIMPLE. Join Creative Researcher Pam Grossman on an exploration of current visual trends that can help distinguish your message from the melee. Imagery today increasingly rivals the written word as a universal communication tool, but how do we avoid having our visual messages turn into visual clichés? As communities’ moods, values and priorities change, so does the visual language. What communicated and worked yesterday, may fail tomorrow. Less understood is the need for relevant, authentic imagery that resonates with its intended audience–a need that has never been greater as globalization raises fear of cultural hegemony for many around the world. While communications using an image can transcend cultures, there is also tremendous demand for creative and authentic imagery that reflects local culture, custom andtradition. Each year, Getty Images Creative Research team conducts agnostic studies throughout the year that draws upon exclusive research and industry-leading search technologies to identify the concepts and trends that will change the look of mass communication. The team studies more in excess of 3,000 campaigns around the globe, investigates client re-branding exercises, and analyzes the searches and choices of more than 1.5 million creative professionals on Getty Images website.Getty Images will reveal its most recent visual analysis research, providing attendees with insights into our global visual language and the evolution of trends that can be quickly applied to create new ways of effectively communicating visually to consumers.

Why should you attend this event?

  • Because you will get direct insight into the key visual trends that will enable you to produce effective communications that resonate with your target audience.

  • Because this is unique insight based on the real searches and choices of over 1.5 million visitors to that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Because often importance and impact of the visual element of the brand is often not a focus of debate or discussion.