Information Design

Information design has undergone an explosion in recent years, with infographics becoming increasingly widespread and accessible. Everyone seems to be creating their own DIY infographics and information dashboards are increasingly popular. Imprint examines how data visualizations present complex information in an easily digestible way—through interactive data visualizations and other means of data viz graphics.

Facial Recognition

Once I was walking down the street and passed by Salman Rushdie – he’s taller, stockier and, ahem, not as cute as me, but there are many facial similarities. We looked at each other as though in a mirror and for a moment I thought maybe it was me. Weird. Just the other week,...

Vintage Orange Crush Soda Bottles Take a Ribbing

I grew up drinking Orange Crush and hearing my mom tell stories of how it used to come in a distinct brown Crush bottle, supposedly to protect the flavor. But by the time I was a kid, those days were long gone, and their bottles were clear. I was also aware that Orange Crush...

Fake News?

Gustav Klutsis was a Soviet photo montage pioneer and designer. Steven Heller takes a look at some preserved work of his in a new collection.

Olympic Modern

A new book, "Olympic Games—The Design" chronicles the graphic design history of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Tokyo 2020.