International Design

The arena of international design is vast, and Imprint sorts through the chaff, highlighting exemplary work created by international design firms and small studios that would otherwise remain unknown. With an eye to discovering unique sensibilities, Imprint covers topics such as typography, posters, books, magazines, and motion graphics, showcasing European innovations, Japanese design, and work from the Middle East.

Play And Conquer

This magazine titled Go in English is an abstract strategy board game - like Japanese chess for lack of a better analogy - for two players. The design of the covers are created in an art deco style common in Japan prior to World War II. The advertisements are, likewise, representative of this international...

Universal Pictorial Picks

Fifty one years ago, ten years before the Department of Transportation symbol signs (dubbed Helvetica Man by the designers Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller) commissioned the AIGA (and they asked Cook and Shanosky Associates Inc.) to design the initial 34 symbols to help manage the crush of pedestrian and passenger visitors for the...

Sicilian Bears On The March

For some summer distraction from the tragedy that is American presidential leadership, let’s look at the international affairs of another kind. The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily (La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia) written and illustrated by the novelist Dino Buzzati (1906-1972) is a 1945 Italian children’s book, published at the end of...

Weekend Heller: Eve of Destruction?

Hope to Nope the book includes more than 145 examples of graphic design & politics, all selected to demonstrate the role of graphic design in influencing opinion, provoking debate and energizing activism during one of the most politically charged decades in recent history.

Warning: No Warnings!

The evil stepmother of invention has produced a cigarette package container that eliminates all trace of the unseemly symptoms of smoking-related disease.

Following Tolerance on Its World Tour

The ongoing Tolerance Posters/Billboards exhibition curated by Mirko Ilic is traveling throughout Europe, South Africa and other locales. This past week it appeared all across Ljubljana, Slovenia. Unlike previous shows, the posters/billboards have been placed in different locations around the city.

Setting Iran Aflame

Boxed matches did not set Iran ablaze when in January 1978 the revolution lit the way for the end of the Pahlavi (Shah of Iran) dynasty, but the artifacts collected in a book of matchbox labels provides a curious history of what led up to the turnover of government and way of life for...