Name&Name Creates One-of-a-Kind Shopping Experiences For Adidas Asian Market

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Name&Name, a boutique design studio based in Asia, has worked hard to develop Asian-focused visual design work specifically influential in the retail space.

The design studio has released their latest designs for three Asian-based Adidas stores that tell a different story based on the culture, history, and arts of the specific city that the store is located in. Each store is decorated with large murals that implement striking designs and energetic colors, making the culture come to life originally and unexpectedly. It's always special when a brand uses inspiration based on its surroundings to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the consumer.

Name&Name boutique design studio, has been working hard to develop Asian focused visual design work, that is effective for clients. Creating design for retail environments, promotions, clothing and branding. Name&Name's team enjoys mixing cultural respect and modern forwardness, to create new visuals. One area Name&Name have been very busy in, is art and graphics for retail environments.

Adidas FTWR Stores (Shanghai and Hong Kong)

The FTWR/SneakerCollect design project for stores in Hong Kong and China, uses large playful hand drawn mural images that mix up all sorts of elements with a strong red-blue color palette that runs throughout the store. Each key store’s mural art is adapted with extra images to tightly fit that city. Fun image led design, creating strong retail environments.

Adidas Beijing Flagship store

Name&Name created graphic art for Aidas’s largest flagship store in Asia, in Beijing’s San Li Tun shopping district. Colorful graphics drawn from various aspects of Beijing’s cultural history decorate the store, clothing, stickers and video animations.

Adidas ChongQing Flagship Store ChongQing in China is known as the 8D city, due to its complexity of layers upon layers, with staircases, metro systems, roads and footpaths all crossing above and below each other. Our design team represented the cities dynamic structure in a modern “Escher-like” graphic style, creating landmarks in a 3D environment, where any way is up. Different strong colour combinations were used for various sections of the store.

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