Dealing Up Some Ralph Steadman for International Beer Day

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At PRINT, we write a lot about beer package designs—so today, for International Beer Day, we decided to mix it up a bit.

We love Flying Dog Brewery’s output (especially their Gonzo Imperial Porter), and we love artist Ralph Steadman, so we’ve lone been elated that the two are more or less inextricably connected these days.

As the (delightful) story goes, in 1990 Aspen Center for Physics founder George Stranahan opened a brewpub with Richard McIntyre. The great gonzo auteur Hunter S. Thompson asked Steadman to do “a quick beer label or maybe two” for his friend Stranahan. Steadman scrawled out “Good Beer, No Shit,” and the brewery’s tagline was born.

His work continues to grace Flying Dog’s packaging to this day—and now, thanks to the brewery’s collaboration with bespoke playing card purveyor Art of Play, you can deal in some Steadman of your own.

From top to bottom, the custom deck is a delight.

Check it out below.

You know what to pair it with.