Your Moment of Summer Zen: Pools From Above

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It’s rare that we find ourselves wanting to be anything but inside of a swimming pool—but as it turns out, being above one is pretty great, too.

Photographer Brad Walls has just released a new series, “Pools From Above,” “an ode to the beauty found in the shapes, colors and textures of swimming pools.”

For the series, Walls drew inspiration from his travels in Southeast Asia, his native Australia, and Annie Kelly’s book Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool.

“As I turned each page of Kelly’s book, a wave of childhood nostalgia washed over me,” he writes.

For his personal perspective on the pool, as in his work photographing sports, he took to the skies.

“I fell in love with the lines, curves and negative space of the pools, which—without alternate perspective from a drone—would have been lost.”

The series is part of a larger book project that the photographer is currently working on.

Some shots that came out swimmingly follow below. For more, follow Walls on Instagram.