Obsessions: August 28th, 2009

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Stomp it! Stomp it real good!

Nikki Graziano, an artist and mathematician, has a beautiful, funny (if you’re mathematically inclined) gallery of mathematical functions occurring in everyday life posted at her site. This is charming if for no other reason than that it shows us what other people think of the world they see.

Another smart woman is Lia, who hails from Austria. I’ve been following Lia’s work for about a decade now. She makes beautiful, programmatically-driven art, which you can see here at her newly relaunched site. If you’re an iPhone owner, she has a lovely iPhone toy available called PhiLia. It’s absolutely useless in the practical sense, but from a creative standpoint, I find her work priceless.

I adore Nessim Higson’s work for three reasons: one, I found his site by mistake, and it was like finding a gem in a mud puddle. Secondly, he lives in New Orleans, currently my favorite city to see art of all sorts (the only good thing Katrina brought with her was hundreds of artists looking to rebuild). And thirdly, his color and motion sensibilities are fantastically delicate.

Three Frames is a fairly experimental version of the single-serving site (what we call sites with a simplified purpose). The owner posts three frames from provocative moments from films and makes them more provocative by the addition of motion. (This could possibly cause seizures, if you’re epileptic. Please be careful.)

Max Papeschi’s paranoid cut-up pop-culture aggro-art is just genius. This is what he imagines happens when our culture literally declares war on us.