Obsessions: September 11, 2009

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Enhanced Editions is a new application and reading platform for the iPhone which transforms the traditional book into a true multimedia experience. The book is presented in text form, but type sizes may be changed, notes may be saved, and the book may be experienced as an audiobook, as well as read.

Sergei Sviatchenko looks at the intersection of modern style with individual identity in his seasonal publication Close Up and Private. Each edition looks at a single anonymous subject’s identity through close-range photography focusing on the interaction with intimate belongings and clothing.

Here’s definitive proof that Apple no longer follows its own Human Interface Guidelines, formerly followed by many interface designers as religion. This series of screenshots compares the myriad differences between the same portion of a window in iTunes 8 and the newly-released iTunes 9. I’d say the interfaces are now much more tied to emotional and marketing factors than pure usability, a shift worth noting.

Today marks the eighth anniversary of 9/11/2001. The first thing I remember from the morning was, “Why is my roommate watching a stupid disaster movie this early on a workday?” Followed by a sudden icicle in my gut as I realized it was the news. I went to work anyway, in shock and on autopilot. Later that day, downtown Chicago was evacuated.

Few of us were there, but the experience was a defining one. Let’s look at the day through the fisheye lens of a cameraman filming the morning, and read another man’s experiences from a week later, from the Library of Congress.