Obsessions: Week of August 21, 2009

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File under “facts I hope I never need to use”: According to this fascinating extension of the current worldwide zombie craze, Canadian researchers establish that there is no way we’d escape total annihilation from a zombie attack. Great. (Via Jonno, awesome pop zombie drawings from Rezatron. Pictured above: Homer and Bart!)

Momiji dolls are tiny Kokeshi, sort of. They’re designed to give to friends, with a space to enclose a secret message to its recipient. Several limited-edition series make these little figures abundantly collectible (much to the chagrin of my wallet, my Dunny collection, and my nonexistent shelving space).

More zombies, because I am on one of my obsessive kicks: A video from French duo Zombie Zombie retells the story of classic sci-fi/horror film “The Thing” in stop motion using G.I. Joe action figures. (via Jocko. Zombie Zombie is here, although I couldn’t find this track for sale anywhere, which is a huge disappointment.)

More Japanese dolls: a collection of one-of-a-kind Kokeshi, for sale after their exhibition in “Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy” at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. These beautifully painted Kokeshi are by Amy Huddleston, Aline Yamada, and Allison Sommers.

Here’s a huge collection of images of classic Dieter Rams designs from the late 20th century. Elegant curvilinear objects for Braun pre-date Apple by decades, and, in my opinion, present a much richer vocabulary of forms and materials than Apple would ever dare put on the market. Wouldn’t it be great if the press would give as much space to historically relevant product design as they do Apple? (via Margot, photo from Michael Dant’s photostream.)