Obsessions: August 7, 2009

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by Patric King

Boey is an artist who draws on styrofoam coffee cups in simple black pen. They’re for sale, and yes, you want some.

While we’re meandering through the world of consumerism, don’t you feel like you need another Star Wars T-shirt? Um, yes. There are never too many, and this is a collection of about 200 designs from around the world. Some are wildly original, some are pedestrian, all will make the Force glow stronger from within you.

Inquietto is an art director focusing on motion graphics and all the luscious, dimensional surfaces that come with that discipline. He’s made some truly amazing dimensional calligraphy from ribbon, which you can see on his blog.Gobelins is a Parisian animation studio with a mesmerizing hand-drawn style missing from so many of the cartoon features we see on the big screen today. Their demo reel for 2009 is on YouTube. Put aside a good five minutes and set yourself adrift in their exuberant, radiantly colored worlds.

Systemic is a fantastic collaborative blog hosting work in extrasolar exploration. That is to say, they are looking for planets outside our own solar system. The big question is, when will people find an earth-like planet with earth-like conditions? That answer, if you read far enough into the archives, may be surprisingly close.

Wade, a developer with Panic Software, has kindly posted a great (and free!) little MacOS color picker which you can install and use system-wide. It’s called the Developer Color Picker, and it displays color values in ways that developers need to use them: NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS, and HTML.

Rockabilly is the quintessential American musical sound and look: old-school American rock tempered with a modern punk sensibility. It can be influenced by almost anything, but like any subculture, it’s characterized by a highly developed sense of retro-American kitsch. Photographer Jennifer Greenberg has a gorgeous portfolio of rockabillies on display at her site, resplendent with Aqua Net, Lucky Strikes, guitars, and glitter.