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Today, we’ll look at some followup on earlier Obsessions. Corrections, additions, expansions, that sort of thing.

First: I talked about MVB Fonts’ gorgeous new Sweet Sans the other day, and reported that it’s being used in the headlines at Typographica. Unfortunately, that was a total lie (sorry). Sweet Sans is in use at Typographica, but only on the nameplate—not the headlines. Those are set in FF Dagny.

One thing I did forget: there’s a great introductory offer going on with Sweet right now: you can buy Thin and Thin Small Caps for a buck apiece.

Some interesting conversation has been happening about the Chartwell font at Typophile with some expansion of the rationale behind the typeface from its designer. (via Jesse Ewing.)

I’ve been finding some interesting writing expanding upon HarperCollins’ decision to hobble electronic books sold to libraries. Here’s San Francisco author Nathan Bransford explaining the rationale behind the price difference between a book’s electronic version and its printed copy, and here’s a New York Times article on some of the reaction from the library community.