Today’s Obsession: Colorcubic vs. Lubalin

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I am all out of insight into the implications and deeper meanings of our latest technological developments for this week. Sorry. I’ve been working out a new design for House of Pretty’s site, banging my head against Typekit (more about that later), and generally being frustrated with the state of typography on the web. Sooooo, let’s just look at something lovely.Inksie is a store selling designed prints and tees, and this lovely poster was designed for them by Portland’s Colorcubic. It’s Herb Lubalin’s gorgeous ampersand made out of the four icons illustrating Inksie’s mission, and it’s a formal contrast I can totally get behind, even though i see no real connection between the two ideas. I can do pretty, though, if it’s got a good formal underpinning and a great composition.

Posters are available for forty smackers, and there’s a foil-print t-shirt for those of you who feel like “shiny” is in your best sartorial interest.