Today’s Obsession: Finding your Phone

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Yesterday saw the release of iOS 4.2 for all of apple’s mobile devices. With this release, the company has opened up a particularly valuable feature of Mobile Me to all AppleID holders for free: Find My iPhone. The service not only finds your phone, it lets you either lock or erase it from a distance.

If you initially try to enable the feature from an iPhone 3GS or 3G, it won’t work, but I found out by mistake that you can actually enable it on older units.

It seems if the Apple ID is first turned on with a newer device (I did it on an iPad), it can then be deleted after it’s active. Then, if you activate the same ID with your iPhone 3G or 3GS, the feature will be active, and Find My Phone will work.

I’m not sure if Apple meant to make this only work on newer-generation units and released the feature by mistake, or if the feature was meant to be released to the public and the workaround is a mistake.

Either way, whatever! I know where my phone is now.