Today’s Obsession: Idiocy Online

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This conversation on Twitter, above, is exactly what is wrong with social media. Possibly the web in general. It’s the sort of thing that sets me off, as you can clearly see.

How stupid does the person behind @Chicago_picks have to be to miss, utterly, that I was making a joke about the preciousness of the branding at Whole Foods? I think it’s pretty clear. I really want an answer to that question.

Everywhere I look on the web, I see examples like this in which the dull and uninspired are making a living in social media. What scares me more is the next question: are they succeeding? If so, then we have a serious problem on our hands.

There’s no reason entry to this industry should be so easy that professionals like this dunderheaded can actually make it. Follow my example. Yell at them. Give them a clear signal that Twitter spammers, social media douchebags, and domain squatters are no longer welcome. It’s time we grew some standards and stopped letting stupid people game the machines. All they do is create an illusion of popularity by simply participating, never mind the quality of that participation. We shouldn’t see this kind of idiocy, ever.