Today’s Obsession: Photo-Lettering

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House Industries released a snazzy little twofer this week with its new Photo-Lettering service. As with everything House, it’s charmingly retro right down to the implementation—it feels like buying strips of headlines from the typesetting house and rubbing them down. That’s how we did it in the olden days, you see.

You pick an alphabet from the fantastically resurrected Photo-Lettering library, type your headline, pay up (just seven bucks each!), download your vector art, and you’re done.

There are various account levels available for subscriptions as well, which makes things cheaper when you buy more. If you’re a casual user, sign up for $15 bucks monthly and you get seven, a dollar off. The scale slides as you buy more.

Do you need an account? Nope. Single purchases welcome too.