Today’s Obsession: Quitting

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Quit your job—you owe it to yourself and your work, says Ben Pieratt.

I agree, wholeheartedly, but because I’ve been around the block long enough to see why quite a few designers don’t do well in corporations: the hours are dronelike, most folks around you are administrative in nature and therefore see creative solutions as an unpleasant “wild card” in their day to day that generates more work, and most of all, many of us don’t like being told to can the creativity and just fulfill the line item. I know every company isn’t like this, but lots are. The big sell for self-employment for me: you are totally in control of your own life. That’s a liberating feeling, friends.

So if you’re one of those who just doesn’t do it well, stop trying. Quit and start your own practice.

Maybe we’ll spend next week talking about that a little more, since I’ve done it already, hmm?

via Jackson Cavanaugh in my Twitter stream. Photo from fuzzcat’s Flickr stream.

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