Today’s Obsession: The New Aesthetic

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Image: "Future Facet" from Wade in Melbourne.

An interesting Tumblr on my radar today, collecting ideas I haven’t seen remarked upon much even though they’re ever-present. It’s called “The New Aesthetic.

The aesthetic in question is a visual machine language that inhabits our daily lives now and seems very natural in its unnaturality. Partially-downloaded images, pixellated surfaces, blocks of mosaic color, broken wireframes, pinned maps, censored images, polygon battles, software glitches, imagemaps, depth maps, unfolded 3d texturemaps, and graphs. The implication is that our machine lives are as natural a part of our visual surroundings as our offline lives.

The site itself doesn’t do much more than display works collected without making comment upon them, but really, that’s frightening enough.

Hat tip: @warrenellis. Imagery Wade.