Today’s Obsession: Typekit, now with more Adobe

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Typekit has partnered with Adobe to allow you to use real Adobe typography in your website designs. The difference between this and Typekit partnering with its previous stellar collection of collaborators: it’s frigging Adobe. and everyone has a copy of AGaramond floating around somewhere.

Serving Typekit is ridiculously easy. It’s a couple lines of JavaScript popped into the top of your HTML pages, and then serves this growing library of typefaces easily across iOS devices, Safari, Firefox, and IE. And while we’re not talking about the entire Adobe library being able to serve across the web, it’s not a bad introductory plan. Surely Adobe will release more of its faces to the service as it negotiates contracts with its designers.

Signing up for Typekit is easy and cheap: a $50 yearly subscription for their entire portfolio of typefaces gets you a half a million page views a month, which is not shabby. For a $100 annual fee, you can serve a million page views. Do as I do and have your clients sign up individually—that way, you’re less likely to run through those PVs.