Today’s Obsession: VintageJS

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For those of you more print-savvy than web, the world of site development becomes more modular with each passing day. Various teams bite off tiny bits of the process as their interests are addressed, from small teams developing gridded frameworks—into which you can lay your design without worrying about redeveloping from scratch each time—to the underlying JavaScript frameworks which make the magic happen in your interfaces. The two most current popular library systems are jQuery and MooTools. Here at House o’ Pretty we’re pretty platform agnostic, but we find ourselves veering towards jQuery pretty frequently. If you poke around online, you’ll find a wealth of plug-ins which can be easily bolted into your sites and apps built atop either jQuery or MooTools without the pain of writing the JS yourself.

Over the weekend, I found a unique little jQuery plugin called vintageJS. For fans of Instagram, Lomography, or just vintage photography of any sort, this is a great little plug which filters your images from modern crispness to aged, historied murkiness in no time flat. There are some convincing examples at the project’s site, and the plugin is open for downloading and alteration at GitHub.