Today’s Obsession: Visual Aid for Japan

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Photo: Flickr member DVIDSHUB

In direct opposition to my own post on Friday about disaster relief to Japan across the web, Steven Rosenbaum at The Atlantic makes a somewhat strange implication that web workers at South by Southwest a couple of weeks ago failed to take action while at the event. He seems to ignore that, um, they actually did. Social sharing and donations have raised over $98,000 alone, thanks to the efforts of Causevox in New York.

How can technology and information share help Japan futher than simple cash donation, anyway? Here’s one inventive challenge, via an invitation posted by the The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. It’s an interesting design problem: Japan is asking designers to help them visually portray the mathematical amounts of radiation a person can safely absorb, and how those units relate to understandable everyday ideas.

The bottom of the request includes submission contact info, so if you’re a designer with a good eye for the informational, this is a great way for you to put your talent to work.