Today’s Obsession: Where are the Strong Bodies?

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Photo: Flickr member David Compton

Photo: Flickr member David Compton

I have always hated that weak, powerless pose I see models strike when they’re trying to be “editorial”; the one where their hands are on their hips, shoulders bowed, and head extended. It’s particularly nasty when the model isn’t all that aware of her body. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks they look wrong; Isabel Lloyd at Intelligent Life speaks about the importance of body presence in modeling, and how so many models just don’t have the kind of muscular control and awareness they should to create a truly beautiful line.

Accompanying the article is a suite of amazing photographs of dancers from the Royal Ballet. I always have wondered why more dancers don’t model, and I honestly think the image of a strong body is, in many cases, not what a designer wishes to project. I saw evidence of that in recent years’ mens’ collections, in which the 90’s strong masculine body is reduced to a boy, same as the current vogue for women. But it seems that strong bodies are on the rise again. One can hope!