Today’s Obsession: Your Little Cold Heart

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Image: Snow Home

Are you, like my boyfriend, horrible? If you are, and are also terminally tardy, then you’ll find some use of this assortment of Valentine’s Day gifts made especially for horrible people.

First, shown at top, a hand-cast concrete heart with—appropriately—a hollow center. Fill it with diamonds, coal, thorns. Maybe even a real heart! Depends upon how industrious of a murderer you are. Snicker-snack!

Image: Etsy vendor DrCraze

Here’s an entirely different concrete heart at Etsy. This one hangs heavy around your neck in stainless steel, black concrete, and crushed glass. The vendor says it’s made using an eco-friendly process, but I mean, it’s a black concrete and crushed glass heart, so who cares?

Image: Etsy vendor RapnuzelsGold

And lastly, if you’re feeling a bit less horrible, you can remind your loved one just how much you admire the darkness of their withered little souls with this adorable black stone heart ring. Apparently conceptually related to Twilight, but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Image: I Heart Guts

What did I get? Oh, I got a lovely little black PVC vinyl heart with red-embroidered valves and a little silver-embroidered face. It’s just big enough to punch!