What People Don’t get About My Job

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Candid snapshot from Momentum Design Labs by Flickr member dominiekth.

The Atlantic has been running a great series of first-person interviews called “What People Don’t get About My Job.” I love it because it shows that people really do think about their work, and actually try to do a good job from day to day. There’s a lot of intelligence behind the desk we visit on a daily basis, but we spend so much time boiling everyone down down to unemployment statistics and crappy customer service stories that we just never look at the people and talents worth examining.

A couple of days ago, there was a piece from a visual designer. Contained within, he looks at another interesting piece wherein another designer redesigns aa.com, posts it in public, is given a thoughtful, measured response from a user experience designer at American Airlines—who is promptly fired for his trouble. Kind of a long read, but utterly worth it.