Barnacles Rum: Add Caribbean Character To Your Bar Cart

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Barnacles Rum is designed by Makers & Allies for Double Eagle Imports. The packaging is elegant with gold foiling, embossing, and intricate designs. Every detail has been well thought through and executed with nods to Caribbean history and culture throughout. With minimal colors, your eye is immediately drawn in to explore every tiny detail. Stock this rum on your shelf to add personality and grit amongst the rest of your bottles.

Hailing from a place where discovery and curiosity collide, this collection of aged rums from the Dominican Republic is distilled from the finest estate-grown sugar cane and aged in both American & French oak casks. Hinting to the origins and attention to detail of the liquid inside, our label features both a custom distiller's mark and animals native to the Dominican Republic. Ornate gold foil paired with an intricate emboss helps to tell the story of this Caribbean spirit – one best enjoyed with a glass of artisanal aged rum.

Project Credits

Agency: Makers & Allies

Client: Double Eagle Imports