Brand Of The Day: Fire Flavored GIN

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Unifikat Design Studio has designed the gorgeous bottles for the Poland-based restaurant , Łódź. Together, they created the flavored gin called Shamo. However, only fifty bottles were created, making this a very exclusive gin. Each bottle is labeled based one which number out of the fifty it is, and comes labeled in a black, red, and white design featuring a rooster in a sea of flames. This gin is full of character to say the least.

We had a pleasure to cooperate with restaurant from Poland / Łódź which calls Shamo. Covid-19 thwarted a lot of ambitions plans in gastronomy sector. Simillar situation occurred with Shamo. To appreciate solid partners, suppliers and customers we proposed to create 50 bottles limited edition of alcohol GIN under Shamo restaurant brand. To make the company a little bit stronger in those strange times.

Project Credits

Graphic Design Studio – Unifikat Design Studio

Brand Designer – Paul Marcinkowski

Illustrator – Maciej Polak

Photography – Mood Authors